JH 6 h.p. Twin-Cylinder Combination 1915

The J.H. is coming to the Front

6 and 8 h.p. Twins, Chain Drive.
3-speed Gear Box. Sliding Dog Type.
Kick Starter. and Cork Clutch.
3½ h.p. M.A G. Twin w:th Overhead
Inlets, 496 c.c. T.T. Racer Model
The Ideal Motor for the Knuts.
2¾ h.p. Single-cylinder. 2-speed
Handle-bar Controlled Clutch.
2½ h.p. 2-stroke with 2 or 3-speed
Gears. Quick delivery.
The Motor Cycle July 1915

British Motorcycle Manufacturers
J.H. by James Howarth