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Malaguti 1975 Olympique V5

Malaguti is one of the very few old Italian motorcycle/scooter firms to survive and remain in family hands. Established in the early 1930s by Antonio Malaguti to produce bicycles, it wasn't until 1937 that motorcycles were made. The large range of small capacity bikes & scooters manufactured made Malaguti the third largest in Italy since the mid 1970s. Sports mopeds have been offered since the '60s and this 50cc Olympique V5 is a 1975 model powered by a Franco Morini motor (with a 5 speed transmission). The pedals have been removed from this restored bike. Top speed is about 90kph. Photographed in Peterborough, S.A. 2012. Peterborough Motorcycle Museum.
Image and text courtesy Phil Aynsley Photography

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