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Malaguti Grizzly RCX machines are powered by Franco Morini 2-stroke S5 & S6 engines.

Models available in 2006 include MALAGUTI GRIZZLY RCX10, RCX12 & SUPERMOTO. There is also a 49.3cc Quad.

The scooter range includes the 50cc Yesterday, a very cute scoot indeed available 2000-2005 (and other years, most likely) and the 125/250/400cc Madison. The Madison 125 is powered by a Yamaha YP125 engine. 

Models of the 1980s included Ronco, Cavalcone, Chopper, and Big Franz.

More Malaguti models:

Centro 2007-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 125cc single

Ciak 50 Catalyzed 1999-03
Type: Scooter, capacity: 50cc single

Drakon 2005-09
Type: naked sports, capacity: 50cc single

F10 1992-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

F12 R AC 2008-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

F12R LC 2008-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

F15 Firefox 50 1996-99
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

F15 Firefox 50 1999-02
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

F15 Firefox 50 2002-08
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Grizzly 10 2003-09
Type: Cross, capacity: 49cc single

Grizzly 10 2000-01
Type: Cross, capacity: 50cc single

Grizzly 12 2003-09
Type: Motard, capacity: 49cc single

Grizzly 12 RCX 2003-09
Type: Cross, capacity: 49cc single

Madison 2 1999-01
Type: Scooter, capacity: 125cc single

Madison 2 2002-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 125cc single

Madison 200 S 2002-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 198cc single

Madison 250 S 1999-01
Type: naked sports, capacity: 250cc single

Madison 250S 2001-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 250cc, twin with ABS

Madison 3 125 2007-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 124cc single

Madison 3 250 2007-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 244cc single

Madison K 400 2002-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 383cc single

Password 250 2007 2008-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 250cc single

Phantom F-12 GP Liq D-D 2004-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 50cc single

Phantom f12 1994-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Phantom F12 100cc Twin Disk 1994-02
Type: Scooter, capacity: 100cc single

Phantom F12 L.C. Twin Disk 1994-06
Type: Scooter, capacity: 49cc single

Phantom Max 250 2005-08
Type: Scooter, capacity: 244cc single

RST 50 1987-1992
32mm forks, Grimeca disc brake, Franco Morini G304, later G303

RTD 50 1987-1988
32mm forks, Grimeca disc brake, Franco Morini G304, later G303

Spidermax GT 500 m.y. 2007 2007-
Type: Scooter, capacity: 458cc single

SuperMotard XSM 2003-
Type: Motard, capacity: 49cc single

X3M 125 Motard 2008-2011
Type: Enduro, capacity: 124cc four-stroke, 3-spoke mag wheels.

XTM 50 2003-05
Type: Enduro, capacity: 49cc single

A Short History of Malaguti (7.5 minutes)

conaghanstefan at
Malaguti crosser el
Hi my son bought a bike and we are struggling to register it with the dvla they want imfo from a dealership or official scooter club to do so the vin number is 43023102
Dumfries uk

The following page has limited information. Should you discover more which could help others please share: Documentation
conaghanstefan at
Hi my son bought a bike that has never been registered it's a malaguti crosser EL I need the year of manufacture and I don't know where to start can anyone help
United Kingdom

robertburt21166 at
malaguti gam
Hi need a head gasket for the morini turbo 50cc head if you have one or no where i can get one thanks Rob
Robert Turner
United Kingdom

Try this search:

ralphcjp at
Just found a Ciak 150 in a garage and bought it. Only 972 miles on it. Where can I get an owners manual?
Ralph Technow
Cleveland, Ohio USA

Tue, 22 Aug 2017
johneynoneck at
Malaguti Cavalcone Radial Cross

I am in desperate need of finding out the model of the engine in my Malaguti as to source parts
john stabler
Bridlington East Yorkshire United Kingdom

Mon Jan 02 2017
Csffiges at
Malaguti Supercross
Hi I have 2 Malaguti supercross from 1976 and I need to source parts for example side plastics can you help ?

Mon Oct 24 2016
trevluds at
reset digital clock
malaguti madison 400k
my scooter has come up with message oil check ,how do i remove the message as it says go to main dealer in book ,i dont have a main dealer .how do i remove message.
United Kingdom

Thu Nov 27 2014
andy.worrall at<
Malaguti owners club
Malaguti Drakon
Are there any owners clubs for Malaguti please. I have a brand new unregistered Drakon and need documentation from a club to register it with DVLA. Thanks in advance Andy.
Nottinghan, UK

Fri Jul 11 2014
www.williams771 at<
RE:S5E engine
2006 malaguti grizzly malaguti grizzly
Hello my name is Charles Williams and I am searching for a S5E engine for my Malaguti grizzly dirt bike,if you could be of some help please email me or send me a email with a number to the store so that i would be able to pick the engine up.

Thank you
Charles Williams

Thu Mar 27 2014
cl4a at<
Malaguti Yesterday
I bought this scooter brand new for my partner but it was never ridden. So now I have a 2002 Yesterday scooter with less than 20 miles on it and I want to sell it but I don't know what to ask for it. Any suggestions?
New Hampshire

Sun Dec 01 2013
need ignition switch
malaguti yesterday 50
hello. i have a malaguti yesterday 50 and it needs a new ignition switch do you have any of these or do you know if any other make or model would fit. hope you can help thanks
cumbria, england

Thu Aug 29 2013
malaguti grizzly 10
malaguti marini s6e engine
what is the standard piston size on a malaguti grizzly 10 s6e engine ..Thank you for your time
united kindom {wales}

  • There is information in the Franco Morini section which should answer this.

Sun Jul 01 2012
Malaguti Fifty 1980
Malaguti Fifty hf
Ciao, spero qualcuno possa tradurre.
Sono alla ricerca di alcuni pezzi del mio Fifty che sto restaurando.
Sellino velluto.
Ammortizzatori anteriori con freno a disco Marzocchi.
Parafanghi anteriore e posteriore.
Se qualcuno potesse aiutarmi sarei veramente grato.
Italia, Caltignaga (No) 28010

Sat Apr 07 2012
malaguti madison 125
i'm looking for a malaguti madison left rear light / indicator / lens please can you let me if you have this part for sale, or if it can be imported, i've been asking around for parts all over the internet & have had no luck nobody seems to deal in malaguti, if you can help me on this i will be a returning customer, many thanks, rob

Sat Feb 18 2012
propshoprentals<at>hotmaildot com<
casing for headlights and indicator casing
malagutti phantom f12 liquid cool moped phantom F12 liquid cool moped
Hi, my son needs new headlight and indicator casings for his malagutti F12 moped.

Thu Feb 23 2012
jnserafini<at>gmaildot com<
Identification of engine
Malaguti Sportivo
I just bought a Malaguti with an engine having 3 gear at the foot but I do not know which engine is it. Can somebody tell me. I am also looking for a service manual for it. Thanks in advance for the help.
Edegem, Belgium<

Sun Jul 10 2011
big.dejong<at>hotmaildot com<
what did I find?
Malaguti Bologna 4/otto 5/1706 (serial number)
I found an older Malaguti on the side of the road. It is a petal bike and also has a gas powered engine. What year is this make? Is it worth anything? It is in poor shape, but has original parts. Is it worth it to restore?

Mon Apr 04 2011
spare parts
malaguti madison k400
hello // im from ukraine..i have a malaguti madison k400 1999 and i
looking spare parts.
 i need this items 28.24.31 u can see here
can u help me please
 best regards

Tue Jul 27 2010
Malaguti Firefox
Can anyone tell me the location of my nearest Malaguti dealer? I am located at Wakefield West Yorkshire England

Thu Jun 17 2010
hlmitchell31<at>gmaildot com<
malaguit yesterday, spare key
malaguti yesterday
I have lost my spare key to my 2004, malaguti yesterday. I have another key that was sold with it that looks exactly like my ignition key. It fits the ignition and glove compartment but won't turn. Please help...

Mon May 31 2010
maggie<at>oldetownbrokersdot com<
malaguti yesterday
where is my battery. it is dead and i need to jump it
orlando, FL usa

Fri May 14 2010
running problem<
malaguti F15 Firefox
My malaguti will idle ok but when I touch the throttle it dies. I have had the bike to garage who say its a immobiliser problem. Can anyone help?
Manchester UK

Thu Apr 15 2010
gwdam45<at>yahoodot com<
gas tank
malaguti yesterday
i am looking for a gas tank for a 2003 yesterday malaguti scotor could someome give me a website where i can get parts
south dakota

Tue Mar 02 2010
1981+1980 chopper 25+ ronco 25
we are a small malaguti club in germany. we are friend of malaguti bikes from 1977-1981. if you are interested in our malagutis, then contact us
worms, germany

This is a small selection of our Italian bikes.

Sun Feb 21 2010
dferr66274 at aoldot com<
maiaguti F15 Firefox
what kind of engine is on the F15 Firefox?
florida usa

Fri Feb 12 2010
tormannde at
malaguti ronco
this is my sons malaguti ronco made 1980
I'm just at this restored Malaguti Ronco 25 from the year 1980
Then I have a Custom Malaguti 25 from the year 1981
Soon I will make use of two new images.

Sat Jan 23 2010
stevejoinertools at btinternetdot com<
details of bike
malaguti fire fox f15
i dont have any paper work for this bike and never got any when i bought this bike and now i can not get a tax book for it can you help me with this thank you

Sun Sep 13 2009
dferr66274 at aoldot com<
water pump
malaguti firefox f15
i am in florida and having a hard time finding this or any parts for my scooter can u please help ? i found 1 place in miami fl but they only sell 2 dealers pleeeese help

Tue Aug 04 2009
brett4929 at
malaguti firefox f15 50cc
hello i have had my bike stolen but recovered the only damage is the immoboliser has been tampered with i try to start the bike and i get smoke comming out of the immoboliser can you tell me where the nearest dealer is to my address
brighouse west yorkshire

Thu Jul 02 2009
ltklish at
The brochure and parts
Malaguti 50cc Mini-cross
I was wondering if there was a way to get a better look at the brochure or if it was possible to get a copy of the brochure. I was also wondering if you knew a good place to get parts for this model of bike.

Wed Mar 18 2009
dean-ykh at hotmaildot com<
side casing
malaguti grizzly 10 50cc 2007
hi im looking for a side casing for my sons malaguti. its the part where the kickstart is. the part i need is exactly the same as the one on my sons franco morini 50cc bike. it kicks forward. can you give me an idea of where to get this part as iv been hunting for ages with no luck. thanks dean
scotland, dundee

Wed Mar 11 2009
alexx-manuu at
malaguti grizzly 12 motore morini s6-t
ciao a me servirebbe campana frizione, frizione, e coppa di avviamento con tutti gli ingranaggi. quanto costa?

Mon Mar 09 2009
beatriz-lopez1 at
Spare rear shock absorber
Malguti Phantom 100
Hi! I am looking for a spare shock absorber for my mopped, and I cannot find it anywhere since this scooter model is not longer fabricated!

Thu Feb 12 2009
liddlelesley at gmaildot com<
Replace Malaguti "Yesterday" battery
2002 Yesterday
The battery I need to replace is FIAMM F4-12B EcoForce 12V -where can I order a new one???
Seattle, USA

The page on Motorcycle Electrics has information on batteries.

Sun Feb 01 2009
eventyr32 at hotmaildot com<
hello do you have parts
Malaguti rst 50
Hello wonder you have knowledge about who can get parts for a moped called Malaguti rst 50
MVH Daniel Goa

Mon Jan 26 2009
ossinet at aoldot com<
tank recall address
Malaguti Yesterday 2003
Does anyone know of the address to send the repair bill for the tank recall? Thanks,

Tue Dec 02 2008
themarmus1 at
primary drive cog
malaguti 50cc morini franco motori
hi there can you help i need a primary drive cog frame no 10807 thanks scott

Mon Oct 27 2008
GCoroleusk at aoldot com<
need carbureator
Phantom 2002 F12
runs, but terribly. Need new carb, can't find any distributors in us except MRP and you need to bew a dealer.

Thu Aug 21 2008
Lionell4u at aoldot com<
bad running
2004 F12 Phantom<
This bike has suddenly started getting oil in the carb. I clean it and its fine for a few days then problem returns. any suggestions?

Mon Aug 11 2008
toyoyous at yahoodot com<
gas and oil mixture
malaguti yesterday
I have a friend who has a malaguti yesterday and she does not know if the gas/oil goes in the tank together and what is the ratio or there is a reservoir for the oil
havre de grace, maryland

Sat Aug 09 2008
ttibbar at yahoodot com<
Need Parts
Malaguti Yesterday 2002
I need parts for the carburetor and the fuel tank leaks due to manufacturing defect. where can I find these parts in the US?
Denver, CO. USA

Tue Jul 29 2008
darrencrockerr at msndot com<
Need ingition switch for fire fox
Malaguti Fire Fox
Do any one know were i can buy a ingition switch and key for my 2002 malaguti fire fox scooter I live in Denver Colorado and can not find a dealer any were Thank for your help Darren My phone is 720-837-7598
Denver,Colorado USA

Wed Jun 04 2008
sixtyninecamarohp at yahoodot com<
plastic part of gasline that goes into the carberator
1977 malaguti 01649
where can i get this part thank you for your help
baldwinsville,n.y. 13027

Tue Jun 03 2008
melissa-d-west at
Malaguti Fuel Filter
Malaguti F12
I live in New Hampshire, USA and am having a problem finding a dealer to help. What I am looking for is information on how to clean the fuel filter. May scooter runs like it is not getting enough gas. I have cleaned the air filter, changed the sparkplug, fresh gas, but still it won't stay running. Any help you can give me would be fantastic.

Thank you very very much.

Melissa D. West

Fri Apr 18 2008
josephine at eastsidescootersdot com<
Re-issuing a title
Malaguti F10 WAP
I am a scooter dealer in Nashville with a customer needing a new title issued to her. Please contact me, Josephine Duer, at 615-226-1100. Thank you

Mon Mar 10 2008
whoknowstoes at gmaildot com<
cylinder head gasket
Malagusi F-18 150
I am looking for a cylinder head gasket for a Malagusi F-18 150 125cc scooter.
Do you have the contact details for a supplier.
Burton on Trent, England

Tue Dec 11 2007
bscooter100 at aoldot com<
Malguti f12 100cc
my scooter failed m.o.t because the lights are not to european standards as its an inport?can you advice what to do buy new lights conversion kit or what

northern ireland

Sat Dec 08 2007
my-side at hotmaildot com<
70 cc cilinder
Malaguti grizzly 10
how can i improve the power of me grizzly 10 ?
does there excist a 70cc cilinder for a malaguti grizzly 10 ????so where can i find it????
Try the Malaguti Directory

Fri Nov 02 2007
mitseclipsecustom13 at yahoodot com<
Light bulbs and rear blinker cover.
2002 Malaguti F-12 Phantom<
Hello there. My name is James and I recently moved back from Ft. Myers Fl. I lived there for about 8 months. During my stay I bought a 2002 Malaguti F-12 phantom. I love the bike. It's excellent being piped and having a clutch kit and carb de-restricter. However I have one problem, I cant find parts any where for it. I've been looking for a light bulb for the headlight for around 3 or 4 months now. Can you get any light bulbs for me or know any where I might try to find some? I would like to buy the bulbs in bulk so I do not have so i don not have trouble next time it burns out. . Thank you James. . My phone number would be a better choice in contactin me as I do not have a computer Im using a friends. . My phone number is (517)-817-0913. However I do have an E-mail. . I would appreciate and information. . Thanks again for taking the time. .. Have a great day!

Tue Oct 23 2007
Malaguti Crosser
have just aquired a 2003 malaguti crosser 50cc moped non runner .Is there a workshop manunal avalible for this model
Try the page of resources for Books and Manuals

Tue Sep 25 2007
andreas-ocluaid at (bounced)
Spare Parts
Malaguti Madison 125
Hi all, i crashed my Madison a few weeks back and am just getting around to getting it repaired, i need a new ignition cylinder and a new set of keys and locks, petrol cap etc, i was wondering would anyone know anyone who deals in madison spare parts, i also need a new set of handlebars. Thanks.

Please send engine and frame number. Ed.

Mon Oct 15 2007
daz.woods69 at
malaguti f15 fire fox
i have a problem with the lcd clocks on this bike it keeps scrolling through the various models f10 f12 f15 i have fitted new mode switch and clocks and fault is still happening is their a control unit that could be problem other than this the bike runs well can any one help

Mon Aug 27 2007
craiganderson33 at
my bike
malguti crosser
hi i wanted to get a barrel and piston set for my bike how much is it new and how long will it take to get here in west mids

Sun Aug 26 2007
Front brake caliper
2001 Malaguti Phantom F12 50Cc Lc
Looking for a front caliper or rebuild kit for a customers bike.

Tue Aug 21 2007
mikefirestarter at aoldot com<
nut size
malaguti firefox 50
Hi, can anyone help, the threads have stripped on the nut holding the variator in place, what is the exact size of nut do i need to replace, ie diameter and thread pitch. Thank you
cornwall, england

Sun Aug 12 2007
tbocktin at
spare parts
Malaguti Grizzly 10 2000?
Hi, Where can I find a Malaguti parts stockist in Australia??? It seems like nobody knows of Malaguti around here. Thanks Rockin.

Mon Jun 25 2007
fiori at
spare part for malaguti yesterday 2000
malaguti yesterday 2000
i have a cream & brown malaguti yesterday 2000. I have broken the spare wheel boot and cant find another one anywhere. Do you have a second hand or brand new one and do you ship to australia?
Hope you can help me,

Fri Jun 15 2007
curtisgibson at gmaildot com<
1977 Malaguti Commuter 1 Moped
I'm looking for the right Dellorto carburetor that will attach to a 16mm O.D. intake manifold on my '77 Malaguti.
The old carb is gone and I'm in hopes that somebody will be able to
match the right carb to the bike.


Curtis Gibson
Connecticut, USA

Fri Jun 15 2007
scooterdane at hotmaildot com<
Malaguti Clubs
Malaguti Yesterday
Any Malaguti clubs in the US? I reside in Colorado.
Englewood, CO

Thu May 31 2007
richardhanna706 at btinternetdot com<
head lights
malaguti madison 250
were can i get new or used head lights .my bike failed m.o.t due to it being an import

Wed May 30 2007
btillman at
malaguti Yesterday 2003
where can I get my Yesterday maintenanced in Portland, Oregon USA?
Portland Oregon USA

Thu Apr 19 2007
gthmappouras at yahoodot com<
need exhaust
malaguti phanton 100cc 1999
hi i need an exhaust for my motorcycle do you have one if yes do you ship to cyprus and if so what would the cost and payment method be? thanks agatha
Larnaca, Cyprus

Fri Mar 30 2007
marky.blackburn [at] btinternetdot com<
speedo cable
phantom f12
i am looking for a speedo cable for my scooter but i ma finding it very hard to get hold of one. do tyou no where i could purchase one for the 2004 yr model of phantom f12 i have attached a picture of the model.

Tue Mar 13 2007
cooperman39 [at] msndot com<
Malaguti Madison 250
Can you tell me if 2002 madison 125 fuel cap same as 250 or what other bike shares same
Gillingham, Kent

Wed Mar 07 2007
leon-rc [at]
finding a throttle housing
f15 firefox
hi im try to track down a throttle houseing for my f15 but having problems fiding one can any one help

Tue Feb 27 2007
smudge-smith [at]
Malaguti F12 Phantom Foggy Replica
Do you know were I can buy a set of decals for the above scooter.
Liverpool. UK

Thu Feb 01 2007
sfdickson [at]
malaguti madison 125 2000 (W)
i am trying to get a diaphragm for the carb. do you know if the carb is the same as the one on the yamaha yp125 if not could you please tell me what the carb is all i know is it is a Teikei carb and the engine is the yp125

thanks scott

Fri Jan 12 2007
acashin [at]
Malaguti Yesteryear
I am seeking brake handles/levers for my 2000 yesterday Malaguti scooter. Do you carry them or can you get them or know where I can get them?

Please Advise,

Thank You
Georgia, USA

Sun Dec 31 2006
philip.disney-spiers [at]
Information on madison s250
Malaguti Madison s250
can you please tell me the breah horse power(BHP) of my madison s250
wiltshire UK

The Madison has a Yamaha Majesty engine which delivers 19hp (13.9Kw). Ed.

Mon Oct 23 2006
ducimis [at] eunet.yu
Spare parts
Malaguti F12 phantom 100cm3
Can you help me where to bay cilinder, piston with piston rings and piston bolt for malaguti F12.

Sat Oct 14 2006
darren.woods [at]
digital speedo fault
malaguti f15 fire fox
i have a problen with display when ignition is turned on or off display shows f10 f12 f15 and shows h20 bottom of the display can you advise me what the problem is the bike runs ok and has had a new speedo cable i have also charged up battery as it was flat is this a serious fault

Sat Sep 30 2006
pumkintits [at] gmaildot com<
Malaguti Yesterday - Malaguti USA
I had the same difficulty finding parts for my Yesterday. Malaguti seems to have gone MIA in the USA. You can order Malaguti parts from:
1740 NW 93rd Ave
Miami, FL 33172
New Orleans, LA

Wed Sep 06 2006
louiserouse [at]
malaguti phantom f12 100 cc w registraion
hi i am looking for a speedo cable must have a plastic clip on end that joins to speedo cant find one anywhere help please many thanks louise

Sun Sep 03 2006
short3ey-06 [at]
malaguti firefox f15
hello i am after a caliper for my malaguti the 1 i have which has missing parts is grimeca. i need a new 1 but cannot find 1 anywhere. can u help.? i also need an electronic speedo cable if u have the parts. can u get back to me at short3ey-06 [at] and also i live in wolverhampton, west midlands so i would probably need shipping. if u have the parts please get back to me with prices. thanks
west midlands

Tue Aug 29 2006
tarantello [at]
malaguti RCX10
I may purchase this bike used, but am concerned about finding parts. Do you know of any Dealers near chicago Illinois, USA?
Chicago Illinois

You might like to check the Illinois directory at Bikelinks

Fri Aug 18 2006
fletch481 [at]
where can I get parts?

The site no longer exists, and the domain defaults to a dealer who mentions Malaguti on the front page. Try contacting the dealer.

Tue Aug 15 2006
sgatlin [at]
Malaguti in US
Is Malaguti out of the US market entirely as of August 06? Dead in the water?
Philadelphia, PA

Mon Jul 17 2006
kennedym [at]
malaguti Madison 125
Where is a reliable source for spares for the above bike?
Northern Ireland

Thu Jun 08 2006
pwhitta [at]
Malaguti Madison 125 front forks
Malaguti Madison 125
hi. the seal on the front right fork has broken, but i can't find any where that can repair or even get new forks, can you help
Doncaster, UK

Mon May 29 2006
peppero [at] gmaildot com<
Malaguti user site
hello, i'm the Admin of a official community Malaguti, you can reach by surf on
thank you !

Thu May 11 2006
sharpview [at] aoldot com<
70cc big bore kit
malaguti yesterday
I'm having trouble getting up hills when I ride with a passenger. Is it worth investing in a 70cc cylinder kit to increase the power?
san francisco

Wed Apr 19 2006
randybag [at]
Parts for Malaguti Moped
Commuter 50 cc
I have a Malaguti Commuter Moped circa 1972. I need a throttle cable for it can you tell me who might have one? Thank-you, Randy in New York, USA
New York

Mon Apr 10 2006
tommywright302000 [at]
need new cylinder & piston & rings
malaguti fire fox f15 50 cc
i have a malaguti fire fox f15 and in need of new cylinder and piston and rings i brought this bike in the year 2000 and now have no dealers in my area do you have or no of any other good dealers that would be able to supply with the above thank for your time and support hope you can help me with this thanks tommy
london england

Fri Mar 10 2006
philip [at]
Malaguti Spare Parts
I have a Malaguti Yesterday 50cc scooter (bought in 2000) for which I need a fork seal set. Can you advise me where I'm likely to get one, I'm struggling.

Kind Regards
Philip B
Newcastle upon Tyne

Try the Malaguti dealers listed at Bikelinks. Ed.

1st August 2005
subject: Question about Malaguti
Email: sirhoc36 [at] yahoodot com<
message: I would like to know where can I purchase a Malaguti scooter perferably a Madison 400 in Michigan or the U.S.

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