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Sertum 1947 VT4 250cc

Sertum was founded in 1932 in Milan and by 1939 had a wide range of models and ranked with Benelli, Gilera & Moto Guzzi as a major manufacturer. They won 5 gold medals at the 1939 ISDT. During the war they produced motorcycles for the army then switched back to civilian models in 1946 with the MC500 and this 250 VT4 (1947 production) which made 12hp at 5,600rpm. A 4 speed gearbox was fitted and top speed was 105kph. Another 3 gold medals were won in the ISDT of 1949. The company went bankrupt in 1952 after not following the market trends for scooters & mopeds and the non payment for a large shipment of bikes to Argentina. Photographed in Pesaro, Italy. 2011. Morbidelli Museum
Fine photography by Phil Aynsley

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Sertum Motorcycles