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Colibri Scooters

A Brief History of the Marque

Made in Austria 1952-1954

Josef Walter & Co.
Frömmel Gasse 28, Vienna 21

Josef Walter built his first scooter prototype in 1947, beginning production in 1952. Equipped with DKW 125cc and 175cc engines, the machines were of considerable quality but the price was rather too high for the market to bear and as a result sales were poor, with total output of 201 scooters by the time the small factory ceased manufacture in 1954.

Colibri Standard
125cc DKW with a top speed of 80kph.
198 produced.

Colibri 175
175cc DKW with a top speed of 90kph
3 produced.

Sources: voz.co.at

N.B. Several other firms used variations of the Colibri brand.

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