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FAR Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Austria 1924-1928

Manufacturer: Franz & Anton Rumpler of Wiener Neustadt

The firm which produced the Alfa-Gnom also made the FAR, the name of which is derived from the company's initials.

One of the founders, Franz Rumpler, suffered fatal injuries in during a motorcycle race in 1927. His brother Anton Rumpler ceased production of the FAR the same year (some sources say 1928).

Models include:

    FAR 350, Single cylinder four-stroke JAP engine of 348cc.
    FAR 500, Single cylinder four-stroke JAP engine of 498cc rated at 13hp.

Their engines were supplied to other manufacturers such as Vylea, in the same city.

Sources: Henshaw | voz.co.at

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