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Cushmann Scooters


Manufactured by Les Usines Belgian Cushman, Anderlues (60km S. of Brussels) under licence to Cushman of Lincoln, Nebraska. In 1949 the first Belgian Cushmann appeared. Derived from the Cushman Airborne, which were plentiful after the war, it bore little resemblance to the original. The frame and engine were Cushman, but the bodywork was locally made and distinctly European in style.

A production licence was obtained from the American firm in 1950 and models appeared based on the Cushman Models 32 and 34 scooters and on the Model 39 three-wheeler. Production began in 1951 and ceased in the mid to late 50s. Factory output is believed to have been around 6 units per week.

N.B. Note that although the firm was named Belgian Cushman (originally Les Ateliers de Fontaine l'Evêque, the scooter marque was Cushmann.

Source: Wikipedia NL