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De Waele Mopeds

De Waele

Named for champion cyclist Maurice De Waele (*1896-†1952), winner of the Tour de France in 1929. Sticker on the tank of a 50s style moped reads "WAELE SACHS". Another, said to be a De Waele, has an HMW engine and chassis from Galletti of Bologna. Images of this model show what appears to be "??RENT DE WYR" on the rear guard.

Sources: Pascal; Dirk van Haren Noman.

dirkvhn at hotmaildotcom
I have also some information concerning the Belgian Mopeds 'De Waele' from Maldegem, Flanders.
Maurice De Waele (*1896-†1952) was a cycling ace.
In 1929 he'd win the Tour de France.
After his dead his successors assemble mopeds with the Italian Galletti frame and the Austrian HMW-engine (1958).
As far as we know, only one moped survives.
Kind regards, Dirk

Text on the rear guard reads "??RENT DE WYR".
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