Obscure Belgian Motorcycle Marques

Notes on Belgian motorcycles of which very little is known

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These are some other motorcycles assembled in Belgium.
Loyarts [Loyaerts] (the blue)
De Waele> (the black)
Thorout (w/b)
For the pictures, only bleue is mine...
Whole with a Sachs's motor on the pictures. Always Sachs ab1092 2 speeds. Perhaps they are others motors ....
I heard there's a Loyarts with a 150cc .... The production stopped about the early 60's
Thanks for your publication.

This is an other one from Belgium...
Cycles Gantoise

The "Thorout" is almost certainly a Thoria from Torhout. The image resolution is low, but the tank logo is very similar to that of the Thoria.

More information on Loyaerts: https://50cc.forum-actif.eu/t8206-loyaerts-a-moteur-sachs

There is nothing to be found in Google under "Gantoise Mopeds" or "Gantoise Cycles".

Update Oct 2010: Cycles Gantoise of Ghent produced bicycles in the early 1920s.

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