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Dechamps Motor Tricycles

Manufactured 1899-1906

SA des Ateliers HP DECHAMPS was established in 1898 and in March 1899 they presented a tricycle powered by a 1¾ h.p. De Dion-Bouton engine along with a two-seater voiturette with a front-mounted, air-cooled Dechamps 3 hp twin. In December 1899 company name changed to SA des Moteurs et Automobiles DECHAMPS and moved to larger premises at Boudewijnlaan 38 and Zangerstraat 49, Brussels. CEO was M. Van de Vinne.

The agents in the UK were Graphic Motor and Engineering Co.

The business was then bought by a British concern, International Automobile Manufactoring CI Ltd and the company name became SA de Construction Mécanique et d'Automobiles.

From that point on the focus was on automobile production.

1903. Of other well-known Continental vehicles the Graphic Motor and Engineering Company represented those of Dechamps, of which 7 and 9-h.p. twin-cylinder types, and 14 and 18-h.p. 4-cylinder types were on view.

Dechamps Motor Company (Limited). Capital, £1,500 in £1 shares. Object to acquire from the Graphic Motor and Engineering Company (Limited), the business, goodwill, and the right to use the name Dechamps in connection with motors, motor cars, &c.

~ The Auto Journal of 1903

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