Today in Motorcycle History


The Anglo-American was an English motor tricycle produced by a York company from 1899 to 1900.

The company also offered motors that it claimed were "manufactured throughout in our own works", but which were most likely Continental imports.

The Anglo-American Motor Co. are exhibiting the Vindec motor bicycle, the West End agency of which they have lately taken up. This machine is a thoroughly practical little mount, and seems likely to become very popular.

It is fitted with a 2¾ h.p. F.N. engine and carburetter, upon the efficiency of which it is needless to comment. Two band brakes are fitted, and the back mudguard is hinged so that it can be swung back, leaving a large portion of the tyre exposed, which is an undoubted advantage should punctures prove troublesome. The air inlet to the carburetter has been improved, so that the air now enters from beneath, instead of at the side. This, the makers claim, ensures a more perfect mixture. A capacious toolbag is supplied, and the oil-can is carried externally, so that should leakage of oil ensue, it will not soil everything carried in the bag.

Report on the 1904 Crystal Palace Show

Sources: Graces Guide; The Motor Cycle February 23rd 1904

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