Today in Motorcycle History

AV Motorcycles by A. V. Motors

Manufactured by the A. V. Motor Co., Aston Lower Grounds, Witton, Birmingham.

The company name is derived from the surname initials of J.G. Accles and F.H. de Veulle.

Their 1903 catalogue offered a motor set consisting of engine, brass fuel and oil tanks and a wooden case which contained them, carburettor and ignition components, cables and all necessary fitting to assembles a complete motor cycle using, typically, an Eadie frame.

"The A.V. motor-bicycle engine, in 1.75 size, was exhibited on a machine built of B.S.A. fittings; the engine was clipped onto the down tube of the frame; the tank was made of polished oak; petrol, oil, coil, accumulators, and spare tools were accommodated within the tank, which also contained the carburetter. A belt drive was used, the belt being of twisted raw hide." ~ Report on the 1902 Stanley Show.

Sources: Graces Guide; 1903 sales brochure.

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