Today in Motorcycle History

Avon Motorcycles of Bristol

Avon Motor Manufacturing Co

2 Narrow Wine Street, Bristol. Works: Keynsham.

The firm built the Avon Tri-Mobile from 1903 to 1912. In 1905 they built a version for the Royal Mail.

"... the first Motor vehicle used (1904- 1905) in Bristol for the rapid transport of His Majesty's Mails by road. No doubt, in process of time, this handy little 5-horse power car, built to a Bristol Post Office design, to carry loads of 3½ cwt., and constructed by the Avon Motor Company, Keynsham, near Bristol, will have numerous fellow cars darting about in the roads and crowded thoroughfares of Bristol for the collection of letters and parcels in conjunction with larger cars of higher horse power to do the heavy station traffic and country road work. Still, little "Mercury" will have the credit of being the pioneer car in the Bristol Post Office Service. During its trials the car did really useful service, and did not once break down."

~ The King's Post, R.C. Tombs.

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