Brenda Motorcycles

A New Big Twin for Solo Work.

THE Brenda Cycle Co., Moor Street, Coventry, has recently produced a model in which the very latest side-by-side valve super-sporting twin J.A.P. engine is neatly housed in a low and compact frame. The specification of this machine has been got out by Mr. Erling Poppe, and includes 26-in. by 3-in. ribbed Dunlop cord tyres, close-ratio Sturmey-Archer gearbox (the ratios of which are 31/3, 41/4 and 51/3 to 1), Druid forks and final drive by Brampton chain. A luggage carrier is optional. A feature of the machine is its extraordinary compactness and its maneuverability. The centre of gravity is very low, and speeds of over 80 miles an hour can be obtained. Price is £115.

Source: Undated cutting most likely from Motor Cycling magazine.

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