Today in Motorcycle History

Clark Scamp

Clark motorcycles were built in 1967-1968 by A. N. Clark of Binstead, Isle of Wight.

The model was a moped which used a small-wheeled bicycle frame sourced from CWS of Birmingham and sold as the Clark Scamp. A 49cc two-stroke engine of their own manufacture was mounted to the left of the pressed-steel rear wheel. Transmission was provided by clutch and direct gearing, and a flywheel provided direct lighting. The brakes were drum to the front and caliper to the rear. The drive gears were prone to wear.

Clark had been in discussion with a Mr Coco about the use of his engine design. Later he sued them, and won, over the use of his ideas in the Clark engine.

Reports of numbers sold vary between 200 and 3 to 4 thousand, the latter figure seeming more likely.

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