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Condor Motor Co

Condor Motor Co of Broad Street Garage, Coventry

  • Made motorcycles from 1907 to 1914
  • The company built large singles with a 4½ hp, 650cc engine. By 1912 there was an 810cc single. They were heavy-duty machines that were probably typical of the era. Further information on this marque is very limited.
  • 1912 Spennell's lists them at 142 and 144 Broad street, Coventry and manufacturers of motorcycles
  • Also made engines for other manufacturers

Source: Graces Guide

Condor 1902-1903

An earlier Condor was built by Harry S Roberts in Deanhanger, using a Minerva engine. In the literature, the company is referred to as "Condor", and the motorcycle as "Royal Condor".


HARRY S. ROBERTS, of Deanshanger, shows the Royal Condor frame, with latest pattern 2 h.p. Minerva, fitted in the usual manner to the down diagonal. The frame is specially designed to take the extra weight and strains, the front forks being trussed up. It is fitted with a New Departure back-pedalling hub and brake on back wheel, with ordinary rim brake on front wheel. One lever controls all the operations. The new pattern Minerva engine has all valves mechanically-operated. The drive is by a twisted hide band on to a wheel secured to the spokes of the back wheel. The tyres are 2 in. motor Dunlops. Listed at 40 guineas, this machine should command a ready sale.


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