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Corydon V-Twin 1904

Corydon Motorcycles

Bradbury Brothers of High Street, Croydon built singles and V-twins, motorcycles and tricars. Singles were available as a kit.

Corydon motorcycles were produced by the firm from 1904 to 1908. The machines had been developed at a time when motorcycle sales slumped and so the company did not survive for long. The motorcycles were of good quality and were fitted with single and V-twin engines of various sizes. The frame and fittings were typical of the Edwardian era.

    1901-02 Produced 4hp automobile

    1905 Mentioned. 'The premises lately occupied by Bradbury Brothers, High Street...'[1]

    1906 Used Tricar offered for sale. 'Grand little CORYDON TRICAR for SALE, two cylinders, water cooled by tank and radiator. Opperman free engine, clutch and two-speed gear, hand lever and foot brakes to all wheels, carriage built, bucket seats. N.P. Acetylene lamps. Palmer cord tyres; few months iron makers. Going in for a car'"

Source: Graces Guide

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