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Depford Co

British maker of the De P cyclecar

De P manufactured by
The Depford Company Ltd.
2 Evelyn Street
London SE
1914-1916, 1921

In 1913 Louis de Peyrecave [formerly] of Duo Cars Ltd and Henry G Burford formed the Depford company with a factory at 2 Evelyn Street, Deptford, London SE. The name was formed from a combination of de Peyrecave and Burford and has no connection with the location of the factory. At the Fourth International Cycle, Motor Cycle and Cyclecar Show in November 1913 they exhibited the de P Cyclecar. Featuring a pressed steel frame and a twin-cylinder water-cooled or air-cooled engine, it included a hood, screen, two side and one rear lamp as well as a set of tools. Priced at 125 guineas for the water-cooled version and 120 guineas for the air-cooled one.

Louis de Peyrecave eventually took over what was left of Duo Cyclecars Ltd and moved production [from Harrington Road, South Kensington], to 2 Evelyn Street where they were renamed the De P Duo.

1914 saw the De P cyclecar offered both in tourer and sporting guise. Also offered was the De P light car with a 10hp Dorman 4-cylinder water-cooled engine. Prices were £198 for the sporting version and £230 for the coupĂ©.

Extract From British Motor Manufacturers (, (404))

Source: Graces Guide

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