Today in Motorcycle History

Eagle Engineering and Motor Co

Manufactured from 1899 to 1905.

Ralph Jackson, a bicycle manufacturer, designed and produced motorcycles in Altringham, Cheshire. In 1901 the company was acquired by Sydney Begbie who renamed it the Eagle Engineering & Motor Co. Ltd., and the vehicle became the Eagle Tandem.

The 1903 machine was a heavy forecar with a De Dion engine that appeared to be more of a cyclecar than a motorcycle.

1904 saw the introduction of water-cooled 4½ hp, 6hp or 9hp two-speed engines listed. There was also a model with a 4½ hp Fafnir engine, but production was limited.

It is understood that models using Aster and MMC engines were also produced. These three-wheelers included a single seater and a New Eagle Racer powered by a 16hp 4-cylinder engine which purportedly achieved 80 mph.

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