Eclipse Motorcycles

Eclipse Motor and Cycle Co of John Bright Street, Birmingham produced Eclipse motorcycles from 1903 to 1905 and XL-All motorcycles from 1902 to 1906.

1903 The first Eclipse machine was exhibited at the Stanley Show. It had a variable-speed gear, engine-driven rear wheel and free-wheel clutches. A forecar was also offered.

1904 A wide-angled V-twin was added. The engine fitted into a loop frame with braced forks and conventional belt drive. There is little further information.

XL-All motorcycles had 2hp or 4hp 90-degree V-twin engines mounted in a loop frame. They were claimed to be the most powerful road machines that could both pull a trailer and push a forecar at the same time. They also professed to reach 'Any speed from 4 to 50mph' and to 'pass everything on the road'. Either cylinder of the engine could be used alone while allowing the other to cool when not in use; or both together - which ever preferred - were the extravagant claims.

Source: Graces Guide

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