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Autotrix Cyclecars by Edmunds and Wadden

The Autotrix was a British three wheeled cyclecar manufactured by Edmunds and Wadden of The Quadrant, Weybridge, Surrey between 1911 and 1914.

  • Two version of the car were advertised both with air cooled JAP engines. The smaller version had a 4 hp engine and belt drive and the larger a 9 hp unit and chain drive. A water cooled 6 hp Fafnir engine was offered as an alternative in the larger car.

Autotrix 1911 4hp Sociable V-Twin JAP at Olympia, 1911

Two models of the Brooklands are shown, one a roadster on standard lines with the magneto placed in front of the engine, handle-bar control, Druid forks, drop top tube, and pannier tool bags. The racing model has rigid forks and no mudguards. The ignition is by coil.

Source: Graces Guide

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