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Embro Motorcycles

November 2000

Embro Cycle and Motor Company

My Great Grandfather and his brother ran a Cycle \ Motor shop in Hull at the turn of the century called the Embro Cycle and Motor Company (Ellis Mansell Brothers), they manufactured a cycle called "The Embro" which was on occasion fitted with a "Minerva" motor. Mr Dick Ellis (great, great, uncle) won the BSA reliability trail some time before 1910 - he also won the bronze medal, and rode the Lands End to John O'Groats and many other trials. They were agents for Hazelwood, Sparkrite and others (including car manufacturers) and were personal friends of William Morris, W. Morgan, G.Armstrong etc. Among the events associated with "Embro" were the Staxton Hill Climb founded by Dick, The EMBRO CUP (Donated 1909) which I believe is still being ridden for (trials), the "Rosetta Bowl", and latterly The Dick Ellis Memorial Shield. I am interested in any information about "The Embro" Cycle \ Autocycle, Dick Ellis, or the Embro Cycle and Motor Company.

Tony Ellis, EllisA at BP dot com

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A post on a Hull FB group gives the address as Embro Cycle & Motor Co at 191 Holderness Road, with a clear photo showing the name of the shop with a motorcyle parked outside.

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