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Fagan 1935

Fagan Motorcycles

Historical Notes

Fagan motorcycles were built in Dublin, Ireland, in 1935 and 1936. They were essentially British motorcycles, locally assembled in order to avoid tariff charges. There was one model. It was comprised of a Diamond loop frame, fitted with Webb forks and was powered by a 148cc Villiers engine.

The design was very similar to many others of the period.

Source: Graces Guide

Sat Jul 01 2017
bonnie77ke at yahoo.co.uk
fagan motorcycle
has any body any idea what british bike the petrol tank was off or who made it.

Diamond may have supplied the tank, however since that firm ceased production of motorcycles in 1933, and the shape of the 1935-36 Fagan tank differs slightly to that of the 1933 Diamond, it is more likely that it came from another supplier.

Wed May 21 2014
the-treasure-hunter at hotmail.com
My Fagan S148 bike
Fagan S148
 Its Mick here in Canada. You have the photos on your site of my Fagan S148. I am looking to SELL the bike if you happen to know of anyone interested. You can either email me or call me 250 307-8486
Thank You

Mon Apr 09 2012
Fagan S 148
I have photos of the Bike. I attempted sending them and it would not take the files??

Fagan S148 Canada.jpg
Fagan Motorcycle S148

Sun May 30 2010
motorcycle.history<at>yahoodot com
Irish motorcycles
I am looking for any information in the Fagan motorcycle. Also, would like to know about any other brand of motorcycle made in Ireland and any history about motorcycle industry in Ireland for any year. Please contact me if you can help. Thank you/Cheers.
California, USA

Sat Feb 06 2010
bikerdonoghue at gmaildot com
villiers engine in an Irish bike.1935-1937
villiers-123cc or 148cc villiers
looking for info on an irish made bike, FAGAN, think it had a villiers engine.

Wed Jan 20 2010
bikerdonoghue at gmaildot com
irish motorcycles
looking for all the info there is on the fagan.

Mon May 18 2009
alan.birt at btinternetdot com
Irish motorcycle
Fagan Fagan
I can supply a picture of the Fagan motorcycle if you would like it. It was made in Dublin. I note your information on this machine is very sparse !
Sqn Ldr Alan Birt
Picture attached herewith. It was assembled in Dublin from parts mostly obtained from England, including the frame from Diamond. At the time there were heavy tarrifs imposed on imports into Ireland from England [de Valera's 'Irish only' policy - what we want, we will make ourselves which conveniently ignored the point that the components were being manufactured elsewhere]. By assembling in Ireland, the tarrif was only paid on the basic components. In other words, it was almost a kit ! I hope this is of interest.

Sqn Ldr Alan Birt
Further to previous email - note the Irish script used for 'Fagan' on the machine, to emphasise its Irishness !

Fagan 1935 Irish Motorcycle

 [The bike had a Villiers 148cc engine and a frame by Diamond]

Fri Apr 13 2007
hd0073 at peoplepcdot com
Irish Motorcycle
I am looking for any info posible on the FAGAN. Photos, Tech Info, Ads. Anything.
Califonia, USA

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