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Gradior Machine

Gradior motorcycles were produced by Gradior Machine of Stafford in 1911.

This make was only listed for one year and was fitted with a 3½ hp JAP single-cylinder engine with a two-speed countershaft gearbox, chain transmission, leading link forks and an ASL air spring for the saddle. A larger engine was available for sidecar work.


A new machine for the 1912 market is the Gradior, the production of the Gradior Machine Co , Stafford. This machine derives its power from a 3½ h.p. J. A. P. engine, and has a plate clutch on the engine-shaft operated from the handle-bar by Bowden wire. Transmission is by Renold chain... The seat pillar, as will be noticed, is supported on an A.S.L. air spring.

The Motor Cycle September 28th, 1911.

The firm is listed in the 1914 edition of Bennett's Business Directory for Staffordshire.

Cylinders Re-bored, new pistons fitted, Gradior Machine Co., Compression Specialists, Stafford. Est. 21 years. The Motor Cycle, 1911 and 1914

Sources: Graces Guide, The Motor Cycle.

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