Hampton Motorcycles

Hampton 1912, of King's Norton

The Hampton Engineering Co., Lifford Mills, King's Norton

Hampton produced motorcycles from 1912 to 1914 in King's Norton, Worcestershire.

In 1912, the Crowdy Car Company of Birmingham failed and was taken over by Hampton. That year the company built a single-cylinder motorcycle with a 3½ hp Hampton engine, Saxon forks and belt drive.

1913 They added a 2½ hp model, with either fixed or free gear, or a three-speed hub.

1914 Machines were fitted with 3½ hp TDC engines.

The company was founded by William Paddon of Hampton-in-Arden, Warwickshire. It changed name and address several times over the years: Hampton Engineering Company Ltd. King's Norton, Birmingham 1912-1919

Hampton Engineering Company Ltd. Dudbridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire 1919-1920

Hampton Engineering Company (1920) Ltd. Dudbridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire 1920-1925

Stroud Motor Manufacturing Company Ltd. Dudbridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire 1926

Hampton Cars (London) Ltd. Dudbridge, Stroud, Gloucestershire 1927-1930

Safety Suspension Car Company Ltd. Cainscross, Stroud, Gloucestershire 1931-1933

Hampton's company survived until 1933, and closed the doors at the height of the Great Depression. In addition to motorcycles, Hampton manufactured around 1,100 automobiles.

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