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Harper Scooters

Manufactured by Harper Aircraft, Exeter Airport, Devon

Harper scooters were produced between 1954 and 1956.

A prototype was built with the intention of fitting a 122cc or 197cc Villiers three-speed engine with fan cooling and a starting motor. The glass-fibre body had a full fairing that carried twin headlights. Although development work continued for a couple of years, few machines were ever built.

1954 show report

C. E. HARPER AIRCRAFT CO., LTD.. Exeter Airport, Exeter, Devon.

One of the most attractively styled machines in the entire Show is the Harper "Scootomobile," two examples of which are shown. Alterations made since the prototype was first described in Motor Cycling's issue of March 18 include the provision of concealed panniers as an integral part of the "Rhiteglass" moulded plastic body which appears in two colours, maroon and blue. A further interesting feature is the use of aircraft-type pannier petroil tanks which, joined by flexible hosing, provide a fuel capacity of some 3 gal. - giving a welcome addition to the machine's range. Unusually comprehensive electrical equipment is specified as standard, including front and rear blinking direction lights and a self-starter which comes into operation automatically upon the turn of the dashboard-fitting ignition key, while a hand-operated solenoid is provided for emergency purposes.

Motor Cycling, November 18th 1954, page 82

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