Henry Meadows

Henry Meadows of Wolverhampton, England were major suppliers of engines to the smaller companies in the British motor industry.

  • 1920 Founded in Park Lane, Wolverhampton, as a car gearbox maker
  • 1922 They expanded into petrol engines
  • 1929 Public company.
  • 1930s Built a large factory in Fallings Park, Wolverhampton.
  • 1935 Introduced their first diesel engine
  • 1938 Introduced a six-cylinder diesel engine
  • 1944 Producing 100 bhp six-cylinder diesel engine for marine use
  • After World War II they started making diesel engines both for the vehicle, marine and stationary markets. Many were supplied to their neighbour in Fallings Park, Guy Motors for use in their buses and trucks.

    1956 Private company.

    They were also responsible for making the Frisky microcar between 1957 and 1961. (See below)

    The company became part of Associated British Engineering

    1960 The company closed

    1961 Manufacturing a range of 5 diesel engines from 100 to 300 hp, a range of gearboxes for automotive, industrial and marine purposes. 520 employees.

    Sport 1957-61

    Family Three 1960-64

Frisky Microcars
Manufactured by Henry Meadows Limited of Wolverhampton, with Captain Raymond Flower.
Built from 1957 to 1964, most were fitted with 324cc Villiers engines. Earlier versions were styled in Italy by Michelotti. Around 1500 were produced.
Source: Bruce Weiner Microcar Museum

Meadows engines powered the Lea-Francis light car of 1924.

Sources: Graces Guide

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