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Hutfield-JAP Motorcycles

Manufactured by V. E. Hutfield, of Vic’s garage & workshop in Brockhurst Road, on the corner of Harding Road. Gosport (near Portsmouth in southern England)

Hutfield was an engineer and built aeroplanes including the R.A.S. monoplane in 1909.

In 1939 Hutfield bought the old military prison (Forton prison), in Lees Lane, Gosport, demolished it and built houses. Hutfield Link Road in Gosport is named after him.

"Vic had a workshop in Brockhurst Road (on the corner of Harding Road) where he built motorcycles, among other things, and he made (and sold) the Hutfield JAP motorcycle engine there. He later opened a much larger workshop just along the road, more or less where the brick yard is now." ~

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