Today in Motorcycle History


Kumfurt were motorcycles produced between 1914 and 1916 by a company based at Cookham Rise in Berkshire.

  • 1914 The make entered the market late in 1914 with a range of models. The smallest used the 269cc Villiers two-stroke engine that drove a Roc two-speed gearbox by chain and that had belt final dive. A larger single had a 499cc Precision sv engine, Sturmey-Archer gearbox and belt final-drive. There was also a model fitted with a 655cc JAP V-twin engine.
  • 1915 The range remained much the same, with the addition of a 2hp model with Precision engine, two-speed gearbox and chain-cum-belt transmission.
  • 1916 The make was still listed that year, but then production ceased. They had been over-optimistic in enterering the market at the beginning of the war, and the slightly German sounding name can have done little to endear it to customers.

Source: Graces Guide

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