Today in Motorcycle History

New Kyma Car Co

Kyma produced motorcycles from 1903 to 1904 in Peckham Rye, in London.

1903 The New Kyma Car Co produced a Sociable tricycle that year. The front was basically a motorcycle and the rear a wickerwork body with two seats, side by side. Two engine sizes were listed, one of 2¾ hp and air-cooled, the other of 4hp and water-cooled. Transmission was by chain to a countershaft and then by belt on each side to the rear wheels. A two-speed gear was included and steering was by wheel.

1904 Power had risen to either 4hp or 5hp V-twin. The machines were advertised as the Kyma Light Car, reliable and strong, with ease of control and 'just the thing for the winter'. They were priced at 69 guineas for the 4hp and 85 guineas for the 5hp twin-cylinder.

Source: Graces Guide

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