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L.S.D. Cyclecars

The L.S.D. Motor Co manufactured three-wheeled cyclecars named the Family, Popular and Standard models as well as 3 and 4 cwt vans.

The firm was established in 1919 at Huddersfield, later moving to Linthwaite and then to Mirfield before closing in 1924. The name is derived from the initials of the founders, Longbottom (the designer), Sykes (the manufacturer) and Dyson (the accountant).

An example has been displayed at the Tolson Museum, Huddersfield.

L.S.D. Stand 169

Hailing from Huddersfield, the L.S.D. is an exceptionally strongly constructed three-wheeler using various forms of the air-cooled J.A.P. engine in identical chassis.

A two-speed reverse gear and shaft and chain drive is employed; detachable and interchangeable wheels are used.

Bodywork has been considerably improved for next year, and a family model as been added to a range that now meets every need.

The Motor Cycle, 1922

NOVEMBER 30th, 1922. Page 871
The Olympia Show.

L.S.D. (169.)

L.S.D. Runabout for 1923

Considerable improvements have been made on this model of the L.S.D

Sturdy Runabouts.

8 H.P. Model.

85.5x85 mm. (976 c.c); V twin cyl. four-stroke; side valves; drip feed lubrication; Amac carb.; bevel-driven mag.; 2-sp. gear and reverse; clutch, and kick-starter; shaft and chain drive; 26x3in. tyres. Price £145 19s.

Sykes and Sugden, Ltd., Linthwaite, Huddersfield.

Sturdy construction is immediately noticeable in this three-wheeler. Its designers have succeeded in producing a machine that will stand hard wear over rough country. The main frame of the vehicle is composed of angle steel welded together and stiffened by deep oak side pieces. Detachable and interchangeable artillery wheels are used, the rear one being instantly removed by simply slackening the spring nuts. Enclosed coil springs are used for the front suspension. All the models exhibited are exceptionally attractive, but the Popular model, offered at £145 19s. (including hood, screen, horn, and complete acetylene lighting equipment), is obviously excellent value. The family man is catered for in a model which is fitted with dickey seat capable of accommodating two children, and, moreover, the makers claim 60 m.p.g. for this particular machine.

Air-cooled J.A.P. engines are fitted to all the models, the transmission being through a clutch and propeller-shaft to a gear box, and finally by chain. The L.S.D.'s records on the road prove it to be well past the experimental stage.

Olympia Show 1922

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