Today in Motorcycle History

Malone Three-Wheelers

The Skunk Malone kit cars were rear-wheel drive three-wheelers powered by Yamaha XJ900, Suzuki GSXR and similar engines.

From their website:

"The Malone Car Company is a small family business that was started by Jon Malone in 1997 with the aim of designing a new breed of sports three wheelers for the 21st century. The result was the Skunk Sports Special which received an immense response to it's launch at the Stoneleigh kit car show '99."

The Skunk Prototype Performance

Yamaha XJ 650cc

All up wet weight: 270Kgs. Engine power: 74 bhp @ 9000rpm. Red Line: 10,000rpm. 0 to 60mph: 5.9secs. 0 to 100mph: 12.3 secs. Top speed: 124mph. 70 to 0: 35 meters.

The success of this project spurred me on to set about trying to design the ultimate high performance trike, a Supertrike that could stand between a Ducati 916, and a Ferrari F40. The SKUNK SPORTS SPECIAL is the result of this endeavor...

Inclusive prices range from £1900 for a starter kit to around £15,000 for a turn-key top specification Skunk Sports Special. A reverse gear box should be available with a price penalty of between £500 and £600, and a weight penalty of less than 15 KGs. The Skunk is 3.2M long with a track of 1.5M.

Motorbike engines from 650cc-1300cc, these include Suzuki GSX 1100G, Yamaha 1200 V-Max, Yamaha XJ 650, Yamaha XJ900, Yamaha R1 and Yamaha Fazer FZS1000.

Performance Specs using standard Yamaha XJ900.

Average weight of 285-290 kgs

110 bhp, giving a power to weight of around 385 bhp/ton. 0-60 around 4.5-5 seconds

Top speed of 130mph

Fuel efficency of 50 mpg, on a run traveling between 50 and 75 mph."