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March were motorcycles produced from 1996 to 1998, in Biscester, Oxfordshire.

The company built Formula 1 racing cars during the 1970s. The design was by MCD of Rochadale (previously in Lancashire but now part of Greater Manchester) and finance came from America.

  • 1996 Plans were announced for a 750cc V-four engine, to be followed by a 1500cc V8. Both models were to be very advanced with the very latest of modern technology. Production was expected in October.

    1997 Late that year, the March name was once more to the fore when it was coupled with Norton in a deal to use the company's badges on the March range. The models included a 600cc single-cylinder sports model as well as the four and eight - the latter now known as the Nemesis.

    1998 Early that year it was reported that March had bought a racing car factory in Norfolk. Further talks with the owners of the Norton name failed to come to completion, so the project failed.

March History:

"In 1969 March Engineering was established with the intention to become a racing car production business providing chassis for customers competing in all racing categories. Each of the four founders chipped in 2,500 GBP to form a company that was to become, with the exception of Formula One, more successful in more classes than any other manufacturer ever. "[1] The founders were Max Mosley, Alan Rees, Graham Coaker and Robin Herd

Source: Graces Guide

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