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Mars 1922, Coventry

The Star Motor Cycle
Note our prices with Brampton Forks, Dunlop 26 x 21 tyres, Burman 2-speed gear, clutch, kickstarter, 2 tool bags, efficient mudguarding, polished aluminium chain cover.
Villiers 269 c.c. engine £54
J.A.P. 293 c.c. £62
J.A.P. 350 c.c. £68
Blackburne 350 c.c. £68
Blackburne 4¼ h.p. SPORTS MODEL £74
Barr & Stroud £78

Mars Motorcycles, Coventry

Mars Ltd of White Friars Lane, Coventry.

Mars motorcycles were produced from 1922 to 1924

The machine was fitted with any of the popular single-cylinder engines available at the time in a variety of capacities.

The engines included:

Source: Graces Guide

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