Today in Motorcycle History

Mumford Three-Wheelers

The Mumford Musketeer three-wheeler was designed and built by Brian Mumford of Gloucestershire, 1971-1994.

It was sold as a kit and based on the Vauxhall Viva using the Viva engine, gearbox, front hubs and brakes. The Viva drivshaft delivered power to the single rear wheel via a specially made final drive system. The fibreglass body was secured to a riveted aluminium monocoque chassis and featured retractable headlights and a detachable hood. In 1983 a Series 2 was introduced with modifications to the body. Production was very low volume; possibly only four Series 1 models were sold along with six of the Series 2.

Brian Mumford had a background in aviation, having worked with Avro and Hawker. He founded his engineering business on 30 June 1964 manufacturing custom-built road trailers to individual specifications. Mr Mumford's inventions included a tool for bending the struts for the chassis of Morgan cars.
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