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New Century

New Century were motorcycles produced circa 1901 to circa 1909, by a firm in St. Albans, Hertfordshire.

The machines were typical of the period and some were fitted with French 2¾ hp Givaudan engines. They were used for racing events in the early days and in 1910 a 344cc machine (possibly a JAP) ran at Brooklands. [1]

They were raced in early events by D. R. Clarke, C. Reid and A. Cummins up to around 1908. [2]

An example of the New Century exists in Australia.

The Motor Cycle MAY 8th, 1907. Page 377
Heat 2.- 1, H. Martin (Martin-J.A.P. Clark (New Century-Givaudan, 76x76); (J.A.P.-J.A.P., 85x60). Time, 6m. 26s. a lap. Genn retired at half-distance. Gerhard and P. Dayrell.

1. A photograph exists of the machine at a banked racetrack named as Brooklands. It is not Brooklands.
2. Information from an email exchange published in the Smoke Signal magazine, 2015.

Sources: Graces Guide, et al

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