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Pouncy Motorcycles

Manufactured by A.J. Pouncy, St. John's Hill, Wareham, Dorset, from 1931 to 1936.

  • 1931 The first model appeared. Called the Cob, it was powered by a 346cc Villiers engine and was typical of the era.

    1932 That model was joined by a competition version and a 148cc model.

    1933 The Cob was not produced that year, but a 249cc model, listed as the Pal, appeared.

    1935 The range reduced to a new version of the Pal. This had a duplex frame, OEC rear suspension and a Villiers engine.

    1936 The Pal ran on for just that year before production stopped.

N.B. At some stage the firm moved to Hampshire. A 1935 brochure for the Pouncy Pal gave their address as Wareham, and was printed by a firm in the same town. The same document invited new owners to join the Pouncy Motor Cycle Club of Wareham.

Source: Graces Guide

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