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Powerdrive Microcars

Designed by David Gottlieb, whose Powerdrive company of Wood Green in North London had previously collaborated with the Allard Motor Company on the development of the Allard Clipper.

This was a three-wheeled microcar with a rear-mounted 322cc Anzani two-stroke twin of 16½ h.p. Mounted on 13in wheels, it had a wide aluminium body that would allow three adults to sit three abreast.

Presented at the Dorchester Hotel in London in July 1955, it was well received. Production ceased in 1957, and the design was applied to a somewhat smaller version named the Coronet which utilised a fibreglass body. This was a two seater driven by a 328cc Excelsior twin which drove the rear wheels by a chain. It was manufactured until 1960.

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