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Scartlet was a motorcycle produced in 1915.

Manufactured by Scarlett and Hodkin of Plymouth Grove West, Manchester, it was conventional in design and was fitted with the 269cc Metro two-stroke engine.



A NEAT newcomer to the ranks of lightweights is the Scarlet, manufactured by Messrs. Scarlett and Hodkin, of Plymouth Grove West, Manchester. The Scarlet is made in three models - single-speed, two-speed, and ladies' model. The engine is the same in all three, viz., a two-stroke Metro, 70x70 mm., giving a cubic capacity of 269 c.c. It is fitted with an outside fly-wheel, E.I.C. waterproof magneto, and a Senspray carburetter.

In the case of the two-speed model a countershaft gear box is fitted, with combined chain and belt drive. The lady's model is identical with the ordinary model, only with the exception of the top tube, which in the former case is dropped sufficiently to give freedom for the rider's skirt. The machines are enamelled in scarlet, while the tank is of a rather darker shade of red with black lining.

The Motor Cycle, August 19th, 1915.

Sources: Graces Guide

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