Sheffield Minor Motorcycles

Sheffield Minor

The Sheffield Minor, the latest recruit to the list of two-stroke lightweights. The model illustrated is fitted with chain-cum-belt drive and two-speed Albion countershaft gear.

A New Two-stroke Lightweight.

THE latest addition to the ranks of the small two-stroke is known as the Sheffield Minor, and is handled by the Colmore Depot in Birmingham. The machine has a striking appearance, owing partly to the sloping top tube, which is also slightly dropped at the rear end. The power is supplied by a Villiers two-stroke unit, and the transmission is either direct by belt or by chain and belt through the medium of an Albion two-speed countershaft gear.

Lubrication is by sight feed drip to the inlet pipe, whence the oil is distributed in the form of vapour. 26in. x 2in. tyres are fitted, the mudguarding is well carried out, and the machine is finished in black and green.

The fittings are noticeably good and include aluminium footboards, armoured pannier tool bags, heavy type Druid forks, and large pan seat. The saddle is unusually luxurious for a moderately-priced machine.

The Motor Cycle, July 8th, 1915

The example shown above has been exhibited at the National Motorcycle Museum, UK.

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