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Trebloc Manufacturing Co

Trebloc Manufacturing Co of Bath, Somerset

Trebloc was a motorcycle attachment produced between 1923 and 1924. This was a 67cc two-stroke auxiliary engine attachment that fitted into the frame of a gents' safety cycle. It could be purchased either as a unit alone or complete and ready-to-ride. The engine was tiny and clamped in the frame. Ignition was by magneto and drive by a sprocket on the crankshaft matching with another on the pedalling bracket, with bicycle chain drive to the rear wheel. The complete machine weighed just 60lb. It was simple, unsprung and intended for use on short journeys, but as it made little impact on the market, the company moved on to pursue other interests.

Source: Graces Guide

johncolbert at
trebloc motor cycle, 1923 - 1924
As you see, Trebloc is Colbert backwards. John Henry Colbert was my father and the patentee of the Trebloc motorcycle. I have the patent document pertaining to the engine and wonder whether such documents are of interest to anyone. I also wonder why the product failed in the marketplace. Any enlightenment available and was the launch date relevant? Later, he was the patentee of an important device fitted to Lancaster bombers and other aeroplanes. He was told that he had designed something that could not be manufactured. He then designed equipment to produce it. His employer benefited but he did not. His work was hidden behind the "secret" stamp.
Arthur John Colbert

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