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Witall motorcycles were produced in 1920 by the Witall Garage of New cross, London.

The company launched two quite different models. Both were lightweights and two-stroke. One was a sporting-type and the other more of a tourer.

The sporting Model A had a sloping top-tube to its frame and a 269cc TDC engine with Roc two-speed gearbox, TT handlebars and Saxon forks.

Touring Model B kept the forks and Roc transmission, but the horizontal top-tube dropped at the saddle end and the engine became a 269cc Arden.

In April, 1920, the firm offered sixteen days delivery, but this was at a time when any machine was difficult to come by. It seems that few were bought as they were soon gone from the market.


TWO two-stroke lightweights are being introduced by the Witall Garage, 136b, Tanners Hill, Lewisham High Road, New Cross, London, S.E.8. They are similar in design, with the exception of the power units and petrol tank capacities. Model A is a sporting little machine, and employs a T.D.C. engine fur the power unit, which, it will be remembered, has a bore and stroke of 70x70 mm. (269 c.c).

The frame of the sporting model has diagonal top tube, and the tank a capacity of one gallon of petrol and a quart of oil. The T.T. handle-bars no doubt will tempt the younger class of enthusiast to a large degree. 26x2in. Dunlop tyres and Saxon spring forks are at present fitted, but it is possible that a different fork may be substituted at a later date. The Witall model B is a tourist machine with an Arden two-stroke as the power unit.

As in Model A, an Amac carburetter and C.A.V. magneto are fitted, the latter being in front of the engine and driven by an enclosed roller chain.

The petrol tank has a capacity of one and a half gallons of spirit and over a quart of lubricant. Substantial and neat aluminum footboards and Roc two-speed gear boxes are fitted on both models. We are informed that delivery of both models can be made in approximately sixteen days.

Image Captions
"The Witall sporting model, which has a T.D C engine and T.T. bars."
"The Witall tourist machine employing an Arden two-stroke engine."

The Motor Cycle of April 1st, 1920

WITALL. June, 1920, 2½h.p., 2-stroke, 2 speeds, countershaft, Brampton forks, sloping tank. Best and Lloyd, special saddle. semi-T.T. bars, aluminium footboards. electric lighting, aluminium streamline lamps, tool bags, hooter, absolutely as new; cost £75, accept £50.— G., 63, Solon Rd.. Brixton, S.W.2.

The Motor Cycle, October 21st, 1920.

A short piece at gives dates of 1919-1923, and lists the engines as Villiers 269cc and later 247cc.

Address's listed for the Witall Garage in a 1931 article are: head office 195, Lewisham High Road, London, S.E.4., workshops at la, Lucas Street, Deptford, London, S.E.S. At this time their focus was sales of automobiles including Singer, Morris Commercial, Manchester and Chevrolet.

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