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W. R. Heighton

W. R. Heighton of Elton, near Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, produced motorcycles in the early years of the twentieth century.


Arion were motorcycles produced in 1903.

The design was very primitive and so the machine was short-lived.


Heighton was a motorcycle produced from 1904 to 1905.

This machine was a forecar powered by a 4hp Rex water-cooled engine driving a two-speed gear.

It was also sold as the Vinco.


Vinco motorcycles were produced from 1903 to 1905. 1903 A 211cc 2.75 Minerva engine was hung from the down-tube. One machine was used in an 'End-to-End' attempt, but retired.

Mr BC Holmes... recently made an attempt to break the record from Land's End to John-o'-Groat's - a distance of 876 miles - which stands at 64hr 29min... Unfortunately, he was overtaken by an accident on approaching Warrington... and a pedal crank of his machine was broken. Notwithstanding this reverse, he pluckily remounted and rode to Warrington, where he was advised to discontinue the attempt... He rode a 2½hp Vinco (Minerva engine), manufactured by Messrs WR Heighton of Peterborough, and it stood the test remarkably well.

1904 A 3½ hp model was added, plus a forecar powered by a 4hp Rex. It was also sold as a Heighton.

W. H. Heighton, Ltd.

Several of the Vinco motor cycles were entered for the 200 miles trial. and ran into the final, and lost the chief prize through an unfortunate accident, the carrier coming loose, causing the rider to make one stop, which was against the rules of the competition. The Vinco motor cycles are fitted with Minerva engines of 2¾ and 3½ h.p., with the addition of one forecarriage, which is provided with the new 4 h.p. Rex air-cooled engine, and one single machine also fitted with the Rex engine and surface carburetter. The exhibit is tastefully arranged, and several trophies won on these machines have very prominent positions on the centre of the stand. (Stand 119.)

Stanley Show, The Motor Cycle Nov 25th, 1903

Source: Graces Guide

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