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Babetta Mopeds

Manufactured by Povazske Strojarne in Slovakia

In 1948 the arms firm sought other products, and formed an agreement with Jawa to build motorcycles. Their first machines appeared in 1949 named Manet.

The first batch of 100 Babetta mopeds was produced in 1970, after many years of hesitant development. These were exported by the sole Czech agent Motokov to numerous countries. In 1976 their "Babetta" model had sold 20,000 in Germany alone. Povazske Strojarne was a large factory, and by the early 1980s around a quarter of their workforce of 13,500 was devoted to to the production of mopeds.

The mopeds were sold under several names, the best-known of which is Jawa Babette.

Wikipedia SK has considerable information on the model range, and jawamoped.com has an excellent history of the marque.

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