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Linser and Zeus Motorcycles (Cz)

Linser, Zeus

Manufactured between 1902 and c.1912 by Christian Linser in Reichenberg, Bohemia.

Established in 1858, the company was one of the oldest metalwork factories in the Austro-Hungarian realm, and had its own foundry.

Their first 492cc single-cylinder motorcycles were marketed under the name Zeus, which they changed in 1906 to Linser after which they produced mainly 618cc V-twins. They then produced automotive parts for other manufacturers, and built automobiles in 1906 and 1907. They returned to motorcycle production in 1909.

The firm was absorbed by L&K in 1913.

1. There was another Zeus marque in Germany in the 1920s. Zeus DE
2. There was a similarly named German marque in the 1920s, Linsser.
3. A Zeus c.1902 motorcycle has been displayed at Motorradmuseum Schloss Augustusburg

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