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Bund - Bottom

Bundkar - Sump

Bössning - Bushing

Dynamo - Generator (DC type)

Elastikk - Rubber band

Flade - Surface (pakkflade = gasket surface)

Fodgear - Foot gear shift

Gearkasse - Gear box

Gevind - thread

Håndgear - Hand gear shift

Karburator - Carburator, carburettor

Kasse - Container, box.

Knast - Cam (Knastaxel = Cam shaft)

Knikser - Breaker (Platiner is another common name)

Krumtap - Crank shaft

Kul - Coal

Leje - Bearing

Lige - Straight

Lukked - Locked or closed

Lydpotte - Muffler

Låseblikk - Sheet metal locking device for nuts/bolts. (spring washer?)

Maling - Paintwork

Måling - Measuring

Möttrik - Nut

Oliesi - Oil mesh

Plejlstang - Connecting rod

Prövelampe - Test lamp (ignition timing light)

Sikkring - Fuse

Skive - Washer

Smörerör - Oil line

Smöring - Lubrication

Skrue - Screw

Skrå - Angled

Stel - Frame

Stativ - Support (like Central Support. Side Stands are called Sidestötteben or Skråstötteben and are add-ons)

Staffering - Pinstripes.

Stempel - Piston (or other cylindrical objects moving in ditto holes. Throttle is, for example, called gas stempel).

Svömmer - Float

Tandhjul - Cog Wheel

Takthjul - The bevel gears connecting the cam shaft and the crank shaft through the dynamo. There are four 'takthjul'.

Tipper - Flooder (for older types of carburators, pre-38)

Tändrör - Spark plug

Udstödning - Exhaust

Ventillås - Valve spring lock

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