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Andrees Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

H. W. Andrees Automobil- und Motoren Industrie, Düsseldorf 64, Oststrasse 135.

Manufactured 1923 to 1929

These interesting machines utilised oil-cooled flat-twin power units from Bradshaw, and from 1925 350cc and 500 cc single-cylinder engines from Blackburne and MAG. These engines were also used in four-wheel delivery trucks which had a flat bed at the front and the driver seated on a platform at the rear. They had a payload of 8 to 10 quintals. Andrees also built Lastendreiräder (delivery tricycles).

After building a factory in Arnsberg and tooling up to produce their own engines for the licence-exempt market, the depression took hold and forced the company into bankruptcy.


1924 496 cc Bradshaw flat-twin
1925 500cc single cyl. Blackburne
1925 500cc single cyl. MAG
1927 750cc OHV V-twin

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