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Bark Motorcycle Engines

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured 1920s - 1940 by Otto Bark Motoren-Konstrukteur, Dresden-A. 28, Tharandter Str. 35

Bark manufactured two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycle engines. These were supplied to Ardie, D-rad, Hercules, Imperia, Mayweg in Offenbach, Tornax, Wimmer, UT, HMK and Phönix (RMW) and many other German manufacturers.
Phönix and UT both used the 498cc OHV Bark-Motor.

The D-rad R20 of 1931-1933 ran a 2-stroke 200cc Bark engine

HMK built post-war prototypes powered by 250cc and 500cc Bark single cylinder engines, remnants of pre-war production.

The Bark 200cc single cylinder two-stroke was probably their most popular engine, and other designs included a fourstroke 600cc single.

Motorcycle engine production ceased in 1940 when their resources were incorporated into the German war effort.

198 cc 2 Takt Bark-Motor 1933
198 cc Bark-Motor 1934
193 cc 2t 6-7 PS, 1934 (193 possibly a typo)
346 cc sv Bark-Motor 1935
347 cc sv Bark-Motor 1934
498 cc ohv Bark-Motor 1936

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