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Falter Motorcycles

Manufactured by Falter-Fahrradwerke, Bielefeld, 1937-1961

Pre-war models M1 and M2 with JLO engines were produced. They acquired the rights to the "Stoewer Greif" name in 1938 and built bicycles and mopeds under that famous marque. Postwar they built a large range of mopeds powered by Sachs, JLO and Zundapp 50cc engines. From 1952 to 1959 they also built scooters, and transportmopeds from 1955 to 1961.

The machines were distributed in Denmark by Philbertz Gregersen and sold under a variety of names.

Falter Models

Star 10 Zündapp (1953)
Star 10 Sachs (1953)
Star 10 Jlo (1953)
Moped Zündapp (1954)
Moped Sachs (1954)
Moped Jlo (1954)
Completta Typ 251 (1955)
F11 (1960)
FM 120K
301 (1957)
305 (1957)
305 Sport (1961)
400 Luxus (1961)
401 (1957) Sachs 47cc
405 (1957)
Stoewer's Greif (1954-55) ILO 49ccm [1]
Transportmoped Z50 (1955)
Transportmoped 501 S50 (1955)
Transportmoped 501(1961)

Notes. 1. The apostrophe is correct. The name differs to that of the famous pre-war automobile.

Sources: GTU Oldtimerservice,, Tragatsch p133, Farben-Schiessl.

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