German Motorrad

Gouverneur Motorcycles

A Brief History of the Marque

Manufactured by Gouverneur-Fahrradwerke, Paul Erbrecht, Schöppenstedt la, 1903-1907

These machines were powered by 3 h.p. GN engines.

Sources: Tragatsch p150,

A French Motorcycle.

The Gouverneur motorcycle carries the motor on the rear tube, on which it is clamped by means of a strong tubular casting on the crank chamber. Many experts favour this position, which deserves a trial. The rear part of the frame and the wheels have been much strengthened ; the latter use 2¼ inch tyres. The four-cycle motor has 1¾ or 2¼ h.p.; the smaller machines have round and the larger ones flat leather belts. A speed of thirty-four miles per hour can be obtained, and the machine can take all hills up to 10 per cent, without any help of the pedals. The smaller motorcycle weighs 88 lbs. and the larger 125 lbs., all on. The exhaust is shown on the front tube, but the makers have decided to place it in future more towards the rear.

Source: Motor Cycling Magazine, Sept 17th 1902.

N.B. Although the article states that it's French, there is no evidence of a French marque with this name.